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It is also used to support the elevator and its components and to support the walkway when necessary. The biggest advantage is that it is very easy to assemble. Tower dimensions vary according to needs.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
Tablonun devamını görmek için yana kaydırınız.
Model Code Definition Overlay A B Min. Height Max. Height
K EKK-2525X Elevator Tower K Model 2,5X2,5 B&G 2500 2500 18 42
EKK-3030X Elevator Tower K Model 3x3 B&G 3000 3000 18 42
EKK-3535X Elevator Tower K Model 3,5x3,5 B&G 3500 3500 18 42
EKK-4040X Elevator Tower K Model 4x4 B&G 4000 4000 18 42
EKK-5050X Elevator Tower K Model 5x5 B&G 5000 5000 18 42
EKK-6060X Elevator Tower K Model 6x6 B&G 6000 6000 18 42
Promotion Feature
Coating (Painted(RAL-7031 matt gray)&(Hot Dip Galvanized EN ISO 1461 (Min80 µm)
Material Properties ASTM A36 - S235 JR
Earthquake load Zone 1- America Uniform Bulding Code in UBC-97 norm(zone 5 for Turkey
Snow Load and Dead Load (kg/m2) 146
Wind load (km/h) 145
Max Number of Platforms(Number) 2
Max.Platform loads (kg) 850
Max Load Crane Capacity (kg) 1180
Max Extra Loads (kg) 1000
Design Standards IBC 2006, ASCE7-05, UBC-97, ASD Load Combinations
AISC 2005 Steel Construction Manual -ASD 13th Ed
AISC 2005 Steel Construction Manual -ASD 13th Ed., AWS D1.1

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