New Generation Grain Handling Systems

05 June 2015

Max Porter has brought innovative systems to grain handling systems with its flexible structure and extensive R&D team.
One of the brands of the Siloport Grain Storage Max Porter solves out every problem with chain conveyor , belt conveyor , bucket elevator , flowing accessories . In contrast to existing designs, has become the first choice of customers with the most sensitive and well-equipped design.
R&D team which consolidated forty years of experience with the ultimate technology has developed well-appointed grain transportation systems. Deputy General Manager

Mr.Abit Yılmaz Biter

emphasized that testing of machines are carried out meticulously during the period of R&D studies. He underlines to submit the high quality and tailored handling and conveying system. .In basis of price /performance in the market and this R&D studies continuously go on. New generation handling systems , it is already used in more than 100 facilities in Turkey and in the world and receives positive feedbacks from our costumers. Besides Max Porter provides optional detailed solutions with improvable features.Max Porter is getting on the way of being the top of the grain handling systems for manufacturers , commercial entrepreneurs .

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