LT FOODS has opened in India

08 June 2015

LT foods which is one of the major projects of India has opened in Inida by MYSILO on 20 march 2015 . The facility has impressed everyone with significant storage capacity and all kind of facilities required for the storage and handling equipment. The facility has four 3520 Model 32 meters in diameter , huge silos containing plant with a capacity of 63 408 m3.
Mysilo General Manager Mr. Sefa Saatçioğlu attended the opening. India's agriculture ministry authorized officers also attended the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony Mr. Sefa Saatçioğlu with India’s agriculture authorized officers made observations in the facility. LT Foods thanked to MYSILO for interest and relevance from the installation date to the date of delivery .
In the facility , Maxporter Grain storage systems ‘ bucket elevators , chain conveyors , grain flowing accessories and truss kits , sweep auger were built carefully. After the installation the facility has began to work safely.Maxporter is rapidly becoming the preferred brand in India. Maxporter has the CE certification .Maxporter is the preferred solution for a safe grain handling systems including Europe and in many parts of the world . The facility makes a strong impression on anyone with grain pre-cleaning , grain dust collection ,Truck loading , specially designed aearation system for fumigation system .

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