Germany Hanover Agritechnica 2015

16 December 2015

The exhibitions continues and Mysilo is making progress in the European Market. This time Mysilo Europe Sales Coordinator and Silopark General Manager Fikri Saatçioğlu visited  the giant agriculture Agritechnica Exhibition in Hanover Germany. The heart of agriculture is going to beat in this city between  8 – 14 November. The development of the industry for all kinds can easily be followed with the exhibition and it was a big opportunity for Mysilo and its team. Europe Sales Coordinator said that the exhibition filled with serious entrepreneurs and he also added that it was fun because there were more serious related people with sector. It draws attention that the relationship between Mysilo and its costumer and also Mysilo’s brand  value increased in the last period of the completion. After the biggest Thailand, India and Egypt auctions,  Mysilo proud of to  offer a turnkey solution to all kind of producers and entrepreneurs.

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