Mexico and Colombia Exhibition and Forums 2015

16 December 2015

The exhibition and seminars  that  American Continent General Sales Coordinator  Señor Alp and his team  attended were very lively. The forum that organized with a different culture , with different authentic was lively and  many elite companies  attended. The exhibition was held in Mexico city Cancun . Visitors flocked to the exhibition during 2 days. 
Señor Alp made statement that they got positive feedbacks  and  said that Mysilo open up to this market and beside  He also added that need to understand very well the social  and  economic stability in the country. Señor Alp specified that with the right strategy Mysilo  could come a good place where every country would want to be and he also  added that Mexican people  and their  trade approach  is very different from other countries. Señor Alp  and his team attended Brascal  forum in Colombia where are few companies were invited to go to on 2 June. Forum ,  seminars and exhibitions while continue ,  guests accompanied by local music concerts were staged in the publicity firm in their stand. Mysilo team also expressed their pride for being invited to such an event. Our team representing our country in the best way and our brand still continues to work there, they are continuing their work  in South America and its countries.

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