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Modelo E

Modelo E

Mxflow E series dryers represent a new era in drying technology through their unique design and flexible structure.

Through its multi-burner structure, drying is provided in the most suitable environment for grains.

Through the desired floor can be closed and put into operation, the grain can be rested even in the process and any stresses that may occur on it can be eliminated. This allows the product to dry in the least damaged way.

It implements the mixed drying method, which is the most efficient drying method, by drying with the air flow and full mixing method perpendicular to the flow direction of the grain.

It has a suitable structure for continuous drying.

Even if the product does not fill the entire machine, it allows drying.

Through the high air speed, large capacities are obtained in small volumes.

High flow rate low cost air flow is obtained by using forward slope silent centrifugal fans.

Through the triangular channels, the product is distributed evenly within the machine.

Grain columns extend along from end to end of the machine and drying in maximum space and volume is provided.

The equipments which is used are high quality and long-lasting.

The burner brain controls the continuous air flow, temperature, existence of flame and keeps the continuity of combustion safely under control.

The desired part can be set as either full heating or full cooling. This structure constitutes the top model of the market in terms of flexibility.

Many different product types can be dried in the same dryer.

Through its design feature, can be increased the number of floors and capacity in the future.

It consists of a conical, prism charge and distribution section at the top of the machine. While the grains move downwards with the effect of gravity, the triangles placed in the interior provide continuous distribution of the grain. Thus, the grain is evenly distributed throughout the grain columns within the roof charge part. This region through its preheating feature, raises the temperature of the grain before drying and ensures the moisture rate to become homogeneous.

Grain dryer columns are located along the machine in accordance with the mixed flow principle and have a design that will not block the air flow. It allows drying during the flow of the grain. They can be placed as 3-6 per section, through modular arrangement.

It is a completely independent controllable drying section that includes grouped grain columns and their fan and combustion line. Section floors are controlled separately and can be deactivated if desired. Deactivate does not stop the drying process. Grain to be rested or the floor to be dried using the outdoor temperature can be passivated from control panel.

High precision metering rolls are used in Mxflow E series dryers. These metering rolls are special profiled and are designed to discharge a pan at the turning angle of 30°. With this method, the speed of the product in the dryer can be perfectly adjusted. The product transferred and measured to the discharge group without breaking by geometry protected by the golden ratio law. Frequency controlled AC and DC motor coupled with the drive can be used.

Fully safe combustion systems are used in Mxflow E series dryers. The safety equipment remains active during the combustion process. In case of any failure, the combustion stops automatically and the operator is warned in failure. Security precautions work separately for each floor. While the breakdown in one of the floors does not affect the other floors, the problematic floor gives the operator a breakdown. The dryer continues the drying process. Even if malfunctions occurs in one of the burners, you can dry it due to the flexible structure of the E series.

Mxflow E series dryers has touch screen controlled panels. The user can activate the feature which he wants to activate with a single click. Temperature control is controlled by feedback controller method and saving gas by the modulating valve. Combustion control relays are constantly activated and realize safe combustion by instantaneous scanning times. There are control mechanisms on the panel separately for each floor.

    - The product is discharged from the top of the dryer, where it is distributed throughout the chambers.
    - Centrifugal fan provides a high amount of air inside the dryer quietly and efficiently.
    - High efficiency burner heats the air and reduces relative humidity, allowing for transport more moisture. The burner flame is controlled modularly for a constant drying temperature.
    - The machine can be converted to cooling from full heating by adjustable valve.
    - Through the ducts connected to the hot air compartment, grains around the channels are dried by contacting with air. As a result of the design of these channels, it prevents the product from flowing out during drying.
    - Air outlet channels are arranged at suitable distances to allow air flow inside the product.
    - Through these channels, moisture-laden air leaves the machine
    - The flow rate of the product in the dryer is adjusted manually by the volumetric metering rolls.
    - Discharge auger (system) collects the products passing through volumetric metering rolls and transfers them to the back of the machine. Products from both sides are collected and transferred for storage.
    - Product losses are low and product quality is maintained.
    - Provides homogeneous drying.
    - Through non-porous design, it does not need constant cleaning.
    - Flexible operation feature allows each chamber to be operated at a separate temperature or closed.
    - It provides full control over the drying speed through the high precision metering rolls.
    - It provides gas saving through flame modulation.
    - It allows you to obtain large capacities in small sizes.
    - Energy loss is less, efficiency is higher.


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