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S Модель

S Модель

Receiving bunkers are the equipment where the first unloading is done during the transportation of the product coming to the facility to the silos. The unloaded product is transferred to the silos by means of the transport equipment connected to the bunker.

Reception hoppers are easy and fast to assemble thanks to their modular structure. Various capacity options are available to suit your needs. The bunkers produced from 3mm galvanized sheet can be used for many years. You are offered economical choices with the grid structure on which the grain-laden vehicle passes or does not pass.

Bunkers are designed at minimum 50° angles.

S model receiving bunkers;
• It is designed to be compatible with the upper entry chambers of Chain and Belt Conveyors.
• It is designed in a square shape with 3-4-5 meter width options.
• There are capacity options suitable for every need.
• They are produced from 3mm galvanized sheet.
• It has a modular structure and is easy to assemble.

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