Due to the Mysilo manufacturing facility location where is center of inside&outside the country, it provides fast logistic service. Thanks to its strategic location, Mysilo has extensive logistics department. Mysilo submits to you quality and economic logsitic by specifying the type of access.


Due to the silo equipments being nut bolted completely, installation is easy and fast. If required the products can be demounted transported to different locations for re-ınstallation on sight again.


Such as the installations of the silos equpiments are made under the supervision of an expert supervisor , also full turn-key solutions are also offered.


Electrical assembly operations are done with a competent qualified electrician supervisor.


The commissioning stage erection point till the sight is handed over during this time evaluation controls are done by the infrastructure mechanical electrical teams. After optimizing obtaining the Project in a systematic way after the sight is ready it will be handed over to the custome.

Commissioning Education

Mysilo also provides technical service to it’s customer after sales.with its experienced expert staff we provide fast solutions. The technical team that visits’s the sight also does it’s check on all other provided equipments so that the facility will have a longer running problem efficient facility.

Commissioning and Training Circuit

Facility and products are commissioned by our professional team, delivery is carried out by giving training to our customers.

Technical service and maintenance agreements

Customer satisfaction is maintained at the highest level within our service with the quality of the provided services , continuity, reliability, prevalence of the service network, trained service technicians and spare parts guarantee during the lifetime of the product .We serve our customers as part of our customer service organization that has technically equipped and infrastructure that can respond most quickly and soon, customer requirements and in accordance with the terms of the needs of the day. Our company is to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront, always shows the difference delivering innovative and superior services with the absence of border services to our customers offered by us and always conscious of the need to offer a better service. If desired, the annual preventive maintenance agreements can be made.

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