Most Common Problem with Storage of Cerals and Offers solution to these problems?

Storage conditions of product should be well-known and checked without losing values in terms of quality and quantity or in order to protect the least loss possible during storage of the products.

Structural Problems in Agricultural Product Silos?

Agricultural products should be storaged to save intact after harvest and without any damages until presented to the consumer. Storage structures that have different cross-section, height and geometric properties, are designed .

Grain Storage Methods and Processes ?

Today, grain storage methods show variabilities from primitive methods such as underground wells, above-ground piles and bags used since ancient times to high-tech methods such as silos. Silos can be carried out with reinforced concrete or metal today, for setting up; due to a number of advantages such as ease of use high-tech applications and can be moved to another location, metal are more preferred. To minimize the factors damaging products, such as the casulties during the shipment in the horizontal store, the changes of temperature occuring during storage or infestation, is advisable to the use of steel silos by experts. In addition to these, steel silos has many advantages, including the space they occupy, optimum storage conditions for cereals, lower cost than other storage methods, automation of grain handling equipment and a low cost of installation. In this context, the maintain process of the amount of cereals and the quality of biological, technological, nutritional and economical are defined as a grain storage. Because of a certain period of the year in which grains are harvested and they are used in human and animal nutrition all year around, to be stored in a good way without spoiling is an important issue. It is also important to control of storage conditions in order to protection of initial quality as much as possible and minimize the changes in negative impact on cereals quality. Major cereals losses occur because of appropriate temperature and humidity for insect and mite activity during the long-term storage. In addition, local temperature and humidity due to the pest activity increase respiratory and mold activities. While insect activity is almost no low at 5°C and approx. 10% water contentof cereal , it can harm whole produt at 21°C and 13% water content of cereal. Insects move to the cool place of storage to continue to hurt while temperature increases. For long-term storage products, periodic checks ang fumigation services are needed to prevent damage caused by insects. Fumigation, storage of bulk or sack or during the transport of agricultural products from the risk of infestation is a spraying operation conducted in order to be neutralized by controlling pests. Especially agricultural products such as grain, storage in silos can cause irreversible damage due to pest problems in hot weather. The damage in terms of quality and quantity by climatic conditions and pests should be reduced for stored product. Air circulation is very important for grains and grain storage. 15-20°C temperature in the storage should not exceed. Relative humidity of the environment should also be around 60%.To be stored of grain without spoiling, the content of the grain should be low and to protect the low content of the grain during storage. For good grain storage and continuity of storage, grain should be ripe, undamaged –solid; it should not less than %14 grain water content, 15°C bulk temperature and %65 relative humidity atmosphere in storage. Loss during storage after harvest of grains in well-managed system of 1-2%; In poorly managed systems by 20-30%. Harvested humid and hot grain should be dried before storage and must be cooled. Increasing of storage temperature and grain moisture reduce time of safe storage. Reducing the humidity of grain to safe storage level and cool the grain up to 15°C will help to prevent insects and mold growth during storage. Ventilation are processes which help to reduce the temperature. Ventilation system performs the function by means of air, which is pumped into the ducts that are preoccured concrete channel on silo base that are covered with perforated sheets, reaching to product by passing through the holes of grilles. Silo, is specially designed by its capacity and functionality of the product. In order to store grain healthy, it needs to measure the temperature inside the silo. Grain during storage; mushrooms, rodents or insects is faced with the risks, the temperature inside the silo must be taken to prevent such hazards by keeping in regular intervals. High temperatures create the perfect conditions for self-replicating organisms. Such reproductions provide more warming and this warming, it is in recognizable value. Measurement of the temperature and moisture content of grain, it is necessary to check the insect infestation. The temperature sensorsin grain are recommended by engineers because they help to display the grain temperature.

Grain Storage Information Booklet

Mysilo grain silos, designed and manufactured to withstand consant load when the silo is filled. The installation is done correctly, it is used; these storage units, serves our customers for many years. Such as dealers and owners, for whom making the installation; It must comply with the rules written below. Thus, the installation will be done correctly and to ensure proper use.
- Before starting the installation; installation manuals and drawings should be read carefully. Personal installation experience, will influence the length of installation time and job security. Make sure that,all bolt holes are filled with the appropriate screws specified in the assembly booklet.
-Notes: In this manual, the rules and procedures established as part of a plant; advice is given in the form. Each facility would be due to the different characteristics, Mysilo, has not given specific explanations according to the package list. Data of the equipment in their facilities, to provide a method tailored to specific situations; It is the responsibility of the property owner or operator.
- Dealers and owners must comply with the instructions in the booklet/drawing submitted with the product.
IMPORTANT: Before starting the installation of galvanized sheet, keep them in a dry place. Mysilo does not accept the damage resulting from exposing these materials to humid conditions.

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