Mysilo has been established in 2000 under the roof of Mysilo Group with the 40 years of industry and manufacturing experience to produce grain storage silos and handling system equipment and since that time till today Mysilo has become an expert and leading organization as young, innovative and ever grooving basis by finalizing more than 2.000 projects for over 1500 customers in 60 countries and 5 continents. Today, Mysilo is one of the leading and reputable companies of the world by having sustainable growth since the establishment.

There are three companies in the Mysilo Group; Siloport Grain Storage Systems Inc. Co. manufacturer, Silopark Construction & Machine Industry Inc. Co. Contracting and sales operations in Turkey, Mysilo Grain Storage Systems Inc. Co. overseas operations Middle East.

R & D department consisting of the expert engineers assure the continuous improvement and professional appliances at every stage of production related to quality. A quick and perfect production is guaranteed by the updated manufacturing lines according to the latest technology consisted by CNC, laser cutting, robotic welding and injection systems and along with the high quality raw material supplied from the world's best steel factories . One of the features making Mysilo different than the competitors is providing the design and product solutions according to the different standards and static calculations.

A quick, practical and effective quality system is being applied in accordance with ISO 9001-14001, OHSAS 18001 quality certificates for all processes from the raw material supply till the shipment of the goods. The conformity tests for the supplied steels or other materials are applied on high sensitive basis in the laboratories of our quality assurance department. The quality certificates from the suppliers have been re- checked and the records are archived precisely.

The main target of Mysilo is adding value to the customers and providing the best solutions for the product paid for. In the proposed solutions, the corporate values as innovation, flexibility, quality, customer focusing, teamwork and the consistency are the key factors.


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