Turkey IDMA Exhibition 23 – 27 April

16 December 2015
World cereals and pulses processing single technology exhibition  IDMA, opened its doors to visitors from all over the world on April 23 2015.The exhibition was visited by 9 thousand 346 domestic and foreign professionals from 98 countries over 4 days.
The largest meeting platform of the world's cereals and pulses processing sector IDMA - International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Wheat, Feed Mill Machinery and pulses, pasta, biscuits the 6th of Technology exhibition , 23-26 April 2015 at Istanbul Fair Center was held with a wide participation.
The largest meeting platform of the world's cereals and pulses processing IDMA ,  6th Exhibition of International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Wheat, Feed Milling Machinery and pulses, pasta, biscuits Technology was at Istanbul  Fair Center on 23 – 26 April 2015.
The exhibition opening ceremony was held on April 23, 2015 , Turkey Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF) President Erhan Özmen, President of the Association of Ukrainian mill Rodion RYBCZYNSKI , President of the Federation of Indian Mills Hitesh CHANDAK , President of the Union of Bulgarian millers Savina VLAHOVA , President of the Association of Afghanistan Mills Muhammed Haşim Gaznival , Vice President of the Association of millers Ethiopia Abeba TESFAYE , President of the National Federation of Bakers of Senegal  Gaye AMADOU , General Secretary of  Croatian Chamber of Economy and Trade Drazen MILOLOZA , General Secretary of  Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture and Food Companies Igor LIPOVNIK , General Secretary of  Lithuania  Grain Association  Dalia RUSCIAUSKIENE , President of the Moroccan National Milling Federation Abdullatif IZEM joined.
Association presidents met in Istanbul to provide direction for investment, They gave a speech to mention the importance and role of  IDMA Exhibition in the sector.
The exhibition held for the 6th time ,  participation in the fair was higher than previous exhibitions ,   Though  war in the Middle East Countries , Ukraine-Russia crisis. However, this economic and political situation in the world has led to a different effect on the masses of visitors.
This year's exhibition , the weight of visitors, rather than companies with investments already made plans for future investments and market research companies has created the stage of selecting the technology. With this aspect of the IDMA Exhibition 2015, it was more than hot sale stage. There were more hot sales in this IDMA Exhibition.
IDMA Exhibition opened on  Thursday , 23 April 2015. This year from 98 Countries  , 4 thousand 131 domestic , 5 thousand 215 foreigners , totally 9 thousand 346 domestic and foreign industry professionals attended. Industry professionals could find all machinery, products and services that they need for their companies was  in one place through the exhibition of IDMA. During the exhibition , Industry professionals had a chance to meet and communicate with companies that developing similar technologies and also lead to many other alternative investment opportunities by capturing every angle of the comparison and benchmarking.
The most intense participation to IDMA 2015 was  from  including Middle East , Asia and Europe. The 38 percent of foreign participants who visited the exhibition from Asia countries and  36 percent from  Europe. These two continents followed by  the Africa Continent with 22 percent ,  America continent with 3 percent and Australian continent with 1 percent.
Mysilo drew all attention in the exhibition with the largest product range at 3nd hall B5.Mysilo was there with an extensive sales and sales support staff , Mysilo General Manager Mr. Sefa Saatçioğlu , Vice General Manager Kürşat Bozkıl , Turkey Sales Coordinator Ali Bilen , Turkey Sales Support Team Serhan Begdes and Seher Taş were there. From foreign  team Market Development Manager Tarık Kalem , Middle East Sales Coordinator Ömer Altınpınar , Russia and Ukraina  Sale Coordinator Erdem Doğu ,  Europe Sales Coordinator Bahadır Arcan , Africa and East Asia Sales Coordinator Çağdaş Karakuzu and his assistant  met with their costumers at  IDMA Exhibition.
According to IDMA Exhibition in 2013 ,  that was a pity that low populations of visitors this year on IDMA  2015.However , The synergy and dynamism of stand , the product range on stand and with friendly attitude of Mysilo staffs  occurred a lively exhibition. 2015  means  something different because it is the 15th year of the establishment Mysilo. Maxporter Graing Handling systems’ launch of the largest product range was presented  to the visitors in IDMA Exhibitions this year. Maxporter which has CE certification made difference between competitors in European Market .Mysilo was  the focus of attention  of the visitors at the exhibition with  Maxporter Bucket elevators and bins , Chain conveyors that capable of horizontal and inclined transport , Sweet Augers , specially designed belt conveyors , special flow materials that move safety the grain. Mysilo Grain Storage Systems and Maxporter Grain Handling Systems expected to be an indispensable brand in the race in our country and in the global market as well.
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