Mysilo celebrated TUSAF's 10th anniversary.

20 March 2015

International Congress  and Exhibition of Turkish Confederation of Flour  Industrialists having been organized between the dates 13 - 16 March in Antalya Titanic Deluxe Hotel Belek and of which celebrated decennial this year convened under sponsorship of Mysilo and other sectorel firms with its participants.

Organization gathered flour industrialists, merchant and their suppliers, millers, laboratory suppliers, manufacturer of  bread and other bakery products, emissaries of finance sector, esteemed academicians and specialists from state sector and private sector, hosted 780 national and international delegates from 21 countries, undertook to host as the greatest organization having 45 exhibition field in the sector so far.

We as Mysilo team took our place among the main sponsors in this great and impressive organization. Relevance of  guests to exhibition, in which of our team Turkey Sales Manager Kürşat Bozkıl and Sales Coordinator Ali Bilen participated, was considerably great. After openning ceremony to which Minister of food, agriculture and livestock  Mr. M. Mehdi EKER attended as well, in the Congress which arranged in four sessions just as present and past of wheat, scientific and technical assessments about future vision of flour industrialists were being made by academicians expert of these issues, informative public service announcement presentations were submitted to participants. In addition to ‘Publicity of Göbeklitepe’ exhibition , ‘TUSAF 10th Year’ combined photograph exhibition were spectated with pleasure in the organization where photograph exhibition exist besides. While our  firm stand as Mysilo was being the center of interest, latest model chain conveyor, elevator, sweep auger and aeration system which were presented to manufacturers’ taste attracted attention with their high quality and technical infrastructure. Interest to Mysilo was great who has carried out big projects and completed seamlessly  by winning  tenders of TMO in recent years. In his statements Sales Manager Kürşat Bozkıl emphasized that exhibition was joyful and rather fruitful for our brand, this exhibiton enabled to create an ambiance to gather and to meet plenty of customers and suppliers  together with and remarked that we  made use of opportunity of this organization on behalf of  our company Mysilo  much efficiently. 

TUSAF, of which international congress and exhibition ended with awarding its participants with plaque and then gala diner, kept its doors open for attendants for three days.

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