Mysilo everywhere, in every fair!

20 March 2015
Giant trade organizations that met with the producers of agricultural products worldwide while continuing our participation as Mysilo rapidly.
Our local dealer and have the opportunity to come together with our suppliers and the fair held in Thailand from 8-10 energetic the VICTA Fair held between April, was completed in the warm and friendly relations. The two-day East Asia and Africa Sales Coordinator at the beginning Saifullah Aksamaz our team participating in the fair, which is the culmination of attention and interest in our new products while emphasizing further increase our brand awareness, he noted.
In this exhibition we attended the following Mysilo date as May 20 to 26, this time held in Serbia Novisad fair. European Sales Coordinator Bahadir Arcanum's leadership, the organization joined the Mysilo team, the feedback he did after a busy schedule for six days, but this year they expect to be less participation due to the floods, the intensity and the demands made has increased over more than the last year and this situation themselves rather They said that they enjoyed it.
Novisad immediately after the exhibition May 30 - June 2, we were waiting between AGROFOOD for participation in the fair with all the synergies on the eastern and held in Tehran, Iran. This exhibition is the International Sales Manager Tariq Pen and his team showed that participation, dealers and business partners found there were extending their partnership on the same platform. Have your say lived in a position once again proud to bring together Mysilo products manufacturer in the market.
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