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A Model

A Model

Axial fans with different powers are produced for applications requiring high air flow at static pressures below 6 inch/ss. Designed for long-term efficient operation, axial fans have been tested for motor performance and overall operation.

It is completely closed, cooled from the outer surface by a fan. It is standard for all axial fans.

Air Propellers
Axial Fan Blades provide more efficient airflow at high static pressures by reducing air turbulence. Axial Fan blades are dynamically balanced.

Fan Connection
The bolt-on fan support provides a solid connection for mounting the fan and helps stabilize the fan during operation.

Fan Casing
All axial fans are manufactured from completely galvanized sheet metal to increase durability and corrosion life.

Protective Grid
The front part of the fan is covered with a grid to prevent any foreign matter from entering and work accidents that may occur.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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