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Farm Type Silos

Farm Type Silos

Farm silos are produced in diameters ranging from 4.58m to 16.50m, with a maximum height of 14.50m and a capacity of up to 2500 m³.

Sidewall Sheets:
Mysilo, manufacturing more durable silos thanks to the narrowest corrugated sidewall sheet of 65 mm, has a huge advantage against its competitors with this feature.

Mysilo uses 600 gr/m² galvanized sidewall sheets at total on both surfaces which makes Mysilo silos long-lasting. With this, Mysilo is making a difference to their competitors who use less coating..

By further narrowing the wall sheet, which is considered to be the narrowest corrugated in the world (67.6 mm / 2.66 "), Mysilo is proud to be the only company to produce silos from the worlds narrowest corrugated wall (65mm / 2.56 ")

While competitors of Mysilo offer 600 gr. / m² galvanized coating as an option, Mysilo offers it as its Standard. Beside this, the silo’s lifetime is 0 longer** in comparison with the competitor’s standard quality galvanized coating rate 275 – 350 gr. / m²

At all junction points of sidewall sheets and stiffeners, DACROMET 500 coated 10.9 quality bolts are used in order to ensure the maximum durability. Thanks to the high density polyethylene conical gaskets found in bolts, sealing is kept at the highest level.

Hot and cold resistant insulation is used in the joints of sidewall sheets to provide excellent sealling in all climates

  • Note:
    ** The amount of GALVANİSATİON on side wall sheet depends on the silo loading-unloading frequency and climate conditions such as snowing, sandstorm, wind speed and relative humidity. More friction on the wall sheets causes less lifetime for galvanization.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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