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Silo’s inner temperature must be measured in order to store quality grain.During storage,grain face the risk of fungus, rodent or insect so; precautions must be taken theese risks by keeping temperature of silo periodically. High temperature consist the best condition for self-perpatuating alives. This type perpetuatings provide more warm-up and this warm-up is noticeable. Herein MyTemp temperature monitoring system warns you before your grain damages. Precaution can be aeration, disinfestation or cooling. Mytemp sensor cables are designed by spacing 2,5 m between both of the sensor as normally however; in special cases, the sensors can be placed at different intervals. The number of cables and sensor in facility are changing according to silo size, stored product and climatic conditions.

 Mysilo ,which is a leader in the sector, presents to you easy usage and after sales service with MyTemp Temperature Monitoring System.

Mytemp is reliable system to display temperature of silo facilities.It is designed by considering many factors such as; easy installation, easy and long lasting usage and high quality materials... Sensor cables are hanged to silo roof with special aparatus. Joint box of each of sensor line is mounted to silo roof (or out of silo) as normally. A data cable transmitts a signal received by theese box to central processing station. Datas collected in central processing station, are converted into images and graphichs which can be read by user, by analyzing with special software. Mytemp can serve as Hand Unite Type (Mytemp Hand) or computer-based system (Mytemp PC) according to silo quantity and its sizes.

Each sensor has a micro processor which cenverts into digital by measuring analog temperature value. All the sensors should be mounted the same line so; different line is not requiered for each sensor. Some of specifications of MYTEMP are the following:

  • * Deflection of temperature sensor is maximum ±0.5°C’ during life of system.
  • * Multiple sensor and multiple cables can be connected one above the other.
  • * The same input and output can be used by different sensor types.
  • * My Temp temperature monitoring system has CE Certificate.
  • * My Temp temperature monitoring system has taken IP66 Certificate by passing tests of IP66.

Technical Specifications

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