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J Model Filter

J Model Filter

Jet filters are automatic systems that remove dust, smell and smoke from the environment by filtering them during production / transportation.

The pieces of dust which entering inside the jet filters is held by the filters.

The dust material that sticks on the cartridge filters is cleaned at specified intervals with the Air jet system that gives instant reverse pressure. Dusty materials which cleaned by the filter elements are sent back to the process or stored in a separate bunker The Air jet system consists of blast valves, a compressed air tank, air injectors and an electronic control board.

Fields of use:
• Different filter systems are used for different applications and dust resources like storage silos working with bılk materials, raw materials, pneumatic conveying systems, mechanical handling systems, production lines, loading and unloading systems. The structure of the dust, the exit point, spreading speed, ambient conditions are the factors affecting the design of jet pulse filters.

  • Key Features
    - Atex equipment option for explosive dusts
    - Easy Setup
    - Large area of usage
    - Filter cleaning system with time control
    - Filter bags produced from fabrics suitable for the load and chemical structure of the dust to be held, moisture and temperature of the fluid.
    - Maintenance and operation expenses are very low. Also, filter efficiency and filter life is very high thanks to automatic cleaning systems.
    - Minimum compressed air compressed air consumption thanks to full automatic, plc control unit and advanced cleaning system.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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