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T Model

T Model

T Model grain cleaning machines offer an ideal solutionfor pre-cleaning processes with a versatile and compact design.

T Model grain cleaning machines operate in three different processes. These are pre-cleaning, cleaning and classification.Maximum capacities vary in cleaning and classification processesr.

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    Drive Head

    The movement received from the motor is reduced to the appropriate speeds by the reducer and transmitted to the drum.

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    Air Duct

    It is the part where the powder in the product is separated by aspiration

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    Grain classifications are made by adjusting the slope and dimensions according to the type and capacity of the grain.


MYSiLO T model grain cleaning machines consist of tiltable cylinders. Perforated sieves of different geometries are used according to grain sizes, which can be easily changed according to the type and process of the desired product.

- Adjustable Product Inlet
- Auger Motor
- Dust Discharge Auger
- Tilt-Adjusted Sieves
- Product Separation Screen
- Galvanized Body
- Motor 380 V 50 Hz IP 55

- Air Channel
- Cyclone / Jet - Pulse Filter
- Air Lock
- Chassis
- Wooden Sieve Cleaning Cylinder
- Rubber Coated Discharge Chamber

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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