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L Model

L Model

Local Dust Suction machine is used for separation of light foreign objects from dust found in grain. Grain, entering into the machine, is vacuumed with the aspiration system as it passes over the steps with an air gap between them. Both coarse waste and small waste are taken out from the grain. The foreign objects released from the machine can be sent to a filter or cyclone.

Maximum Performance:
• The grain is dispersed on the steps and the vacuum effect is increased to the upper level.
• It allows easy assemble and open area usage.
• Offers high performance with minimal energy use.

Sensetive Settings:
• The reverse air intake module is designed for the use of products of different concentrations.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
Tablonun devamını görmek için yana kaydırınız.
Model LTT - 150
Capacity t/h ** 120/150
Asp. Mt. / kw 5,5
Length * / mm 1562
Width * / mm 947
Height * / mm 1442
Weight / kg 220
Thickness / mm 3
Material ST-37


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