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E Model

E Model

The E model pre-cleaning system is designed for the safe operation of the system by separating the foreign matters in the grain such as stone, garbage, wood from the grains.

Foreign bodies cannot pass through cylindrical sieves while the grain in the system passes through sieves. Removing large grains from the system also prevents malfunctions and clogging that may occur in the facility.
The drum sieves in the machine are made of drilled sheets according to the product characteristics. There is a brush system that contacts the sieves outside the cylinder to prevent clogging that may occur as a result of grain getting stuck in the sieve holes during sieving.

- Long-Lasting Durable Steel Body
- Inlet and Discharge Adaptors
- Aspiration Output
- Drum Cleaning System

- ATEX Equipments
- Cyclone
- Jet-Pulse Filter
- Air Lock
- Piping System

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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