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R Model

R Model - Belt conveyor

R Model belt conveyors carry different products and capacities thanks to carrier rollers. R model optimum belt speed is 1.5 m / sec.

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    Drive Head

    Produced from Galvanized Steel, the drive head has a strong structure supported by special profiles.
    The drive head is driven both as a belt pulley and as a couple.
    Our drive motors are offered with different Hz and Voltage options according to demand.

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    Wanderer Head

    Our idler heads, which are made of galvanized steel, do not create any accumulation on the cage type drum inside, and allow the bands to work properly. Band tensioning settings are fast and practical.

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    Our modular safes made of galvanized steel provide ease of maintenance and technical service.
    It is suitable for use in outdoor conditions.

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    Antistatic rubber and court cloth tapes are used as standard. Band selections with different features are also offered according to the product and demand.


R series belt conveyors have different models and product options from 20 t/h capacity to 1300 t/h capacity.

Yapısal Özellik:

All of the R series conveyors are manufactured from galvanized sheet metal and are all bolted and nut-connected. It has a long service life.

Preferred Reasons:
  • Long transport distance.
  • High Capacity.
  • Economic.
  • Can be used open.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Can be used with a slope.
  • Working in two directions.
  • Dynamic weighted stretching is possible.

Technicial Specifications

You can reach the capacity table of the product by clicking the letters in the picture.
R Model Belt Conveyor Dimensions
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BKR - 50 700 480 1050 3000
BKR - 60 800 490 1050 3000
BKR - 70 950 575 1200 3000
BKR - 80 1100 740 1200 3000
R Model Belt Conveyor Capacity Table
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MODEL Belt Width
1 1,5 2 2,5
BKR - 50 500 2 20 ° 52 78 104 -
BKR - 60 600 2 20 ° 91 137 182 -
BKR - 70 700 3 35 ° 143 215 286 -
BKR - 80 800 3 35 ° - 260 325 390
Our Capacity Unit is m³/h. taken as.
Diameters found in the table are indicated as drum diameter.
Dimensions are given in mm.
Maxporter reserves the right to change the technical specifications.
The x distance between the Inlet and the Discharge chamber is variable according to the project.
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