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Mobile Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Mobile Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Mobile telescopic belt conveyor in the desired position, varying It is used in many areas such as loading, unloading, stocking, taking from stock together with the transmission of materials in length, height and angles.

Widely used in ship loading, grain storage areas, mine and stone e and stone It is preferred in quarries, screening-washing facilities

  • Coupled Motor Reducer
  • Anti Static Rubber Belt
  • Inlet and Discharge Chamber
  • Dust-Sealing Felt
  • Belt Tension Mechanism
  • Tail
  • Drive Head Drum Rubber Coating
  • Helical Belt Cleaning Rollers
  • Impact Rollers for Conveyor
  • Discharge Chamber – Polyethylen Coating
  • RPM Sensor
  • Top Closure
  • 360 Degree Discharge Chamberi

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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