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C Serisi

C Serisi

The body of our C Series chain conveyors is made of galvanized sheet. Has a modular structure with bolt and nut connections. It is preferred at the unloading process of flat bottom silo. For different capacities and models, we are using chains operating at different loads. The base and side surfaces can optionally be reinforced with polyethylene sheets or non-wear steel plates.

C Series HI model chain conveyors designed to convey the product as inclined at angles of 5°, 10° and 15°

Maxporter C series chain conveyors are durable, long-lasting and of high quality. It is compatible for conveying grain at high capacity and low energy. It has CE certificate.

  • K Model Drive
  • Belt Pulley Casing
  • Discharge Chamber
  • Silo Unloading Mechanism Kit

  • A Model Drive
  • RPM Sensor
  • Polyethylene Coating at Base and Side
  • Non-Wear Steel Plate at Base and Side

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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