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Mobile Belt Conveyor

Mobile Belt Conveyor

Mobile Belt Conveyor can be used at desired locations for product conveying, loading, unloading, stocking and reclaiming; in variable heights and degrees, in many different occasions. Usually, it is preferred for ship loading, grain storage sites, mine and quarries, screening and washing plants.
Mobile Belt Conveyor has a portable feature to be used at desired points for its integrated wheel drive mechanism. Because of the hydraulic system that is used in the conveyor, unloading process can be applied at determined angular spacing.

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    Drive Head

    The drive head has a strong structure supported by special profiles. The drive head is driven both as a belt pulley and as a couple. Our drive motors are offered with different Hz and Voltage options according to demand.

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    Axle Chassis

    Thanks to the wheels on the axle chassis, it enables the conveyor to be moved to the desired points and make radial movements.

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    Product entry

    Thanks to its large reservoir, the Product Inlet Part is suitable for working in connection with different equipment.

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    Discharge Part

    360 degree rotation of the pipe in the discharge mouth and up and down movement provides an alternative during the unloading of the product.


It provides unloading opportunity at wide measuring range owing to its adjustable degree and height. Radial movement can be provided by changing wheel degree. This feature enables unloading operation on different points while the product inlet point is fixed.

The pipe at the discharge chamber is able to turn 360 degrees and move up and down, so that it provides alternative during the unloading.


  • Coupled Motor Reducer
  • Anti Static Rubber Belt
  • Inlet and Discharge Chamber
  • Dust-Sealing Felt
  • Belt Tension Mechanism
  • Tail
  • Drive Head Drum Rubber Coating


  • Helical Belt Cleaning Rollers
  • Impact Rollers for Conveyor
  • Discharge Chamber – Polyethylen Coating
  • RPM Sensor
  • Top Closure
  • 360 Degree Discharge Chamberi

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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