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Mobile Tube Conveyor

Mobile Tube Conveyor

Mobile Tube Conveyor allows grains to be transported to certain heights and distances at certain angles. It is a specially designed conveyor that can transfer grain and grain products at high capacities.

It has the feature of transporting undamaged products at high capacities such as 100 (t/s) and 160 (t/s).

Structural Features:
Mobile Tube Conveyor is a design that can be driven by an electric motor or a tractor.
The Portable Tube Conveyor can be produced in various lengths and can reach the required length and height.
Portable Tube Conveyor allows mobile and fixed use thanks to its design with carrier wheel connection from the body. In this respect, it has the ability to be positioned anywhere in the facility.
It can be used in angled and horizontal positions without any problems.

It works with high capacity thanks to the plastic pallets added to the chain system and increased strength. It saves energy and labor because it carries grain in high capacity.
Maxporter Portable Tube Conveyor carries out all kinds of grain transportation in a way that minimizes damage to grains. Since it works quickly at high capacity, it also reacts quickly to variable weather conditions.
It is quieter than the mobile auger.
It can transport grain over longer distances and at higher capacities.
It provides more effective protection in occupational health and safety since it does not have a part that works in the open like a mobile helix.
Since it carries with chain, its life is much longer than the spiral leaves.
It can work with tractor drive where there is no electricity.

Portable Tube Conveyor is easy and effortless to maintain Runs smoothly after daily checks In case of any malfunction, our technical service will support you.

* The product is under protection with the application numbered 2015/08061.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
Tablonun devamını görmek için yana kaydırınız.
Model Length
STK219-12 12 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-12T 12 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-15 15 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-15T 15 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-18 18 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-18T 18 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-21 21 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-21T 21 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-25 25 Metre 100 t/s
STK219-25T 25 Metre 100 t/s
STK273-21 21 Metre 160 t/s
STK273-21T 21 Metre 160 t/s
STK273-25 25 Metre 160 t/s
STK273-25T 25 Metre 160 t/s
* The ones specified with T code are tractor-driven models.
** Capacities are valid for dry and clean grains.



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