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TruckPorter Truck Loading Conveyor

TruckPorter Truck Loading Conveyor

The Truck Loading Conveyor allows the products to be transported to the desired height, at certain angles, and to be unloaded to the desired vehicles such as trucks, trucks or trailers. The tractor supplies the necessary energy from the PTO, so it does not need electricity. In addition, it is an equipment that enables the products to be transported safely and quickly with the screw system and chain conveyor in its structure.

Maxporter Truck Loading Conveyor reacts quickly to changing weather conditions as it works fast at high capacity. It offers a fast and practical solution thanks to its capacity of 170 tons/hour.

Structural Feature:
With the help of the pistons on the Maxporter Truck Loading Conveyor, it can unload at desired heights and angles by means of tractor hydraulics without the need for an external hydraulic unit.
Combined operation of screw and chain conveyor; makes it possible to transport the product without damaging it. The tractor, to which the Truck Loading Conveyor is connected, approaches back to the product in bulk, takes the product through its helix and transfers it to the chain conveyor.
Due to its design, it unloads the product to the desired location by loading it from the desired angle, direction and height via the chain conveyor, whose height and angle can be adjusted.

Since it has high mobility with the tractor, it is easy to transport compared to other products used for the same purpose in the market.
It can be used easily even in places where there is no electricity because it works depending on the tractor.
It performs the loading work by requiring less personnel in product transfer, and this reduces the labor cost.
It provides more effective protection in occupational health and safety due to its ability to load grains from the heap without the need for personnel.
The ability to carry grain at a higher capacity than the mobile auger saves labor, energy and time due to the high capacity.

Easy Operation and Maintenance
Maxporter Truck Loading Conveyor is easy and effortless to maintain. It works smoothly after daily checks. In case of any malfunction, our technical service will support you. Maxporter Truck Loading Conveyor is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 years*.

*imalat ve montaj hatalarına karşı garanti kapsamındadır. Tüm değerlerde değişiklik hakkı Mysilo’da saklıdır. Haber vermeksizin değiştirilebilir.

* The product is under protection with the application numbered 2015/12545.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Charts
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TruckPorter Truck Loading Conveyor

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